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tagged by :iconkusanagiartist:

1. Each person has to share 13 things about themselves 
2. Answer 13 questions given to you and then come up with 13 of your own
3. Literally tag 13 people
4. You can't say you don't do tags
5. Tag backs are allowed
6. You must make a journal entry
7. Must be done in a week or you must listen to whatever the tagger says 
8. Be creative with the title!

Things about me:

1. I am Mexican
2. all my drawings I make from a Nintendo 3DS.
3. I'm an artist and trainer pokemon
4. I love the dragon type pokemon.
5. I have a gba a GBASP a ds lite, DSi and 3DS.
6. My favorite pokemon is a dragonite
7. My favorite neopet is a draik
8. my favorite digimon is Vikemon
9. I like the music that comes from a video game
10. I am terrible at video games first person shooter.
11. The English language is an overrated.
12. I love the smell of fresh cement.
13. I love pizza and sushi.

ask by who tag me:

1. What's your least favorite Pokemon type?
The fairy type, are very effeminate and are bastards, are immune to the mighty dragons.

2. A Machoke mistook you for cargo in a moving company, would you file a complaint?
No, it's funny that pokemon take me for a ride.

3. Red or blue?

4. Do you like massaging people?
Yes, especially when you have knots and make them scream.

5. Does question four fill you with determination?
A huevo!

6. Is your refrigerator running?
No, It has no legs.

7. Jerry?
or tom?

8. What's your favorite video game original soundtrack?
pokemon, super mario, castlevania, neo turf master and megaman X

9. Chicken or Beef?

10. Do you want to have a bad time? Bad time (icon)

11. Nintendo, Sega, or Sony?
nintendo! As 

12. If you can draw any type of picture, what genre will it be?
anime or as superhero comics.

13. What would happen if this world is filled with Pokemon?
I become a pokémon trainer, pokemon coordinator and pokemon breeder, if it is possible a leader of gym.

Question for labeled.

1. What is your favorite pokemon?
2. suck, bite or chew?
3. Why not speak Spanish do you know?
4. Do you like the Yoshis?
5. What was your first game?
6. What do you like most draw in Devianart?
7. What was your first shiny pokemon?
8. Goku or Vegeta?
9. Can you say a phrase from Chavo del 8?
10. What would with a pet yoshi?
11. What was your favorite cartoon?
12. What will you do this summer?
13. would you get off the machoke´s underwear?


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Un abrazo y que las cosas te salgan muy bien
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